Imagine how valuable our coastline is!

Barbados’ coastline is vital to the lives of all Barbadians. Not just now but for our future. It provides us with food as well as places to relax, live, and play. It also enhances the island’s economic development through tourism, fishing, and recreational business-related activities.

Our coastline, however, is becoming more vulnerable because of the impact of climate change. If we do little or nothing to combat this it will be more negatively impacted by coastal flooding, erosion, cliff collapse and more.

Updated Draft Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan

The CZMU has recently concluded the scientific, technical and internal review process for the updating of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for Barbados. We are now seeking the public's feedback on the draft ICZM Plan through several consultative activities, which will inform and amend the Plan prior to its finalization and establishment by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy.

Draft Updated ICZM Policy available for review

As part of the execution of the Coastal Risk Assessment and Management Programme (CRMP), the CZMU is in the process of updating the national Coastal Zone Management Plan for Barbados. A component of this effort is the development of a draft updated Policy for Coastal Zone Management for Barbados. This draft has been completed and is available for review via the link below.