Why you should read the draft updated ICZM Plan

Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) Dr. Leo Brewster encourages all Barbadians to read the draft updated Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan. The Plan takes the form of two volumes: the Barbados Policy Framework and the Barbados ICZM Plan.

Addressing the first public meeting on June 8 Dr. Brewster described the Policy Framework (Volume 1) as “broad based and pervasive”. He added, “We’ve tried to encapsulate all the areas of consideration that we at CZMU now consider to be of key priority for us.”

The Director went on to note that the Policy Framework highlights new key policy outcomes focused on six main areas:

Outcome 1 ‐ Sustainable socioeconomic development is achieved

Outcome 2 ‐ Coastal resources are protected and effectively managed

Outcome 3 ‐ Climate and disaster risk adaptive capacity is strengthened

Outcome 4 ‐ ICZM is delivered through a coordinated governance arrangement

Outcome 5 ‐ Capacity for ICZM delivery is strengthened for all relevant sectors

Outcome 6 ‐ Research, understanding and knowledge outreach is increased

With regard to Outcome 4, Dr. Brewster said that ‘coordinated governance’ was occurring and that work to formalise the approach taken to achieve the outcome was ongoing. And on Outcome 6, he said that ‘knowledge outreach’ meant that, once again, CZMU was returning to its earlier roots of “community involvement and public participation in this process.”

Two-volume Plan:

Volume 1: The Barbados Policy Framework (2020 to 2030) inculcates the new concepts of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in a proactive manner while continuing to consider sustainable development as a long‐term commitment that combines environmental protection, social equity and economic efficiency

Volume 2: The Barbados ICZM Plan (2020 to 2030) provides detailed guidance for activities within the Coastal Zone Management Area (CZMA) at the national and Sub Area level to support all sectors and the wider society on achieving climate and disaster risk compatible development

Speaking to the ICZM Plan (Volume 2) the Director highlighted its four main components. “The first part of the Plan sets the scene for risk resilience. The second part looks at creating an adaptive pathway. The third looks at national guidance strategies that CZMU has to seriously look to implement, and the last component is the Sub Area Action Briefs, that describe the main themes of each Sub Area, Sub Area descriptions, the main strategies to be observed and the development of planning setback requirements for each Sub Area, and action briefs that require immediate attention, in the short, medium and long term.”

He concluded his remarks by emphasising: “When you read the document you will realise that it is one that can be effectively used as a reference document by all. For this reason, we’ve tried to make it as user-friendly as possible. I hope that you’ll spend the time to go through and read it.”