Billboards erected around the coast to build awareness for the updated Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for Barbados

The CZMU has erected billboards at several important recreational and cultural sites along the coast of Barbados to build awareness for the upcoming Public Consultation Meetings for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (2020-2030). All of the information on the billboards has been derived from Volume 2 of the draft Plan (Part D) located on the ICZM Plan page. The billboards are situated at:

  • Silver Sands (near the beach facility)
  • Conset Bay (near the fish market)
  • Bathsheba (near the beach facility)
  • River Bay (near the beach facility)
  • Folkestone (near to the lifeguard hut)
  • Bay Street (near to the lifeguard hut)
  • Oistins (near to the lifeguard hut at Enterprise Beach)

Silver Sands, Christ Church

Conset Bay, St. John

Bathsheba, St. Joseph

River Bay, St. Lucy

Folkestone Marine Park, St. James

Bay Street, St. Michael

Oistins, Christ Church