Mission of the CZMU

The Coastal Zone Management Unit executes its regulatory function consistent with guiding princlples described within the vision and mission statements shown below. These guiding priciples form the basis of the strategic objectives of the CZMU which drive the Unit's operational activities from year to year.
“A coast to be proud of, which is valued, appreciated and safeguarded as a place to live, work and relax; a place where development and use of resources will be sustainable, and where the natural environment is protected and enhanced to keep its essential and unique place in the Barbadian Heritage.”
Mission Statement
The Coastal Zone Management Unit’s mission is to develop and implement a National Coastal Zone Management Plan and to work to ensure that the coast retains its vital and pivotal role in the economic, social and physical development of Barbados.
  1. To implement the national Integrated Coastal Management Plan
  2. To develop an island wide marine spatial plan
  3. To provide sound science for the management of coastal risk
  4. To develop and implement policies, strategies and standards for the development and maintenance of structures in the coastal zone management area
  5. To develop standards, assess and improve the health of coral reef communities and other ecosystems, and to develop necessary measures to protect, rehabilitate, and enhance coastal and marine habitats
  6. To make provision for public accesses to the beach, as well as along the shoreline
  7. To develop standards for activities that may affect coastal resources
  8. To identify and designate restricted areas and to develop standards for their management
  9. To conduct economic evaluation of ecosystem services
  10. To mitigate, where feasible, the adverse effects of climate change in the coastal zone
  11. To improve public awareness about the coastal zone and coastal management issues
  12. To discharge obligations under international treaties/conventions to which Barbados is signatory and to participate with the international community in issues pertaining to international oceans governance