ICZM Policy and Legislation


A vision for Coastal Zone Management (CZM) in Barbados:
A coast to be proud of, which is valued, appreciated and safeguarded as a place to live, work and relax; a place where development and use of resources will be sustainable, and where the natural environment is protected and enhanced so as to keep its essential place in the Barbadian heritage.

CZMU Mission Statement
To develop and implement an integrated National Coastal Zone Management Plan, and to continue working to ensure that the coast retains its vital and pivotal role in the social and physical development of Barbados.

CZMU Motto
A coast to be proud of!

Strategic Objectives:

  • Sustainable use of the coastal management area by implementing policies which maintain and, where possible, enhance environmental quality while still enabling economic development.
  • An effective legal and administrative structure to implement integrated coastal management.


  • Apply standards and procedures to avoid degradation of the environment and to reduce the risk of long-term or irreversible effects upon it.
  • To seek compatibility between economic activity and environmental interests at the coast.
  • To work within the constraints imposed by the dynamic nature of coastlines.
  • To provide a focus for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) in Government and effective links with other parts of the public and private sector to create more consistency and respond more effectively to coastal management issues.
  • To raise awareness and actively encourage public participation in stages of the coastal management process.
  • To develop and share understanding of natural resources, processes and human activities that affect the coastal environment.
  • To secure adequate financial resources to sustain successful ICM and to use these resources effectively.

The strategic objectives and policies are summarized in the Integrated Coastal Management: The Barbados Policy framework. Barbados has also completed detailed Draft ICM Plans for the west, south and east coasts of the island.