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The most intriguing location of any small island is its coastal zone. This transitional strip of land contains some of the most productive and valuable habitats of the biosphere. It has multiple resources, resource users, varying levels of development and in essence is fundamental to the very existence of a small island. Barbados is no exception in this regard, especially with its highly varied coastline of unique geological formation.

Barbados considers the implementation of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) as the best way forward for the maintained effective management of the coastline and for the last twenty-five (25) years, the government of Barbados has systematically and incrementally developed its capacity to implement ICZM.

We hope that you will join us in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the Barbados coastal zone. Please visit our website in the future to learn about our latest activities. We at the CZMU endeavour to keep you informed and will continue to work to ensure that the Barbados' coast is indeed 'a coast to be proud of'.


[Sep 10 2014] Coastal Technologies Week 2014

The Coastal Protection Unit of the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Trinidad and Tobago, will be hosting Coastal Technologies Week 2014 from October 27-31.

[Nov 19 2013] The offices of the CZMU have moved!

The public is asked to note that the offices of the Coastal Zone Management Unit have moved from Bay Street, St. Michael to the 8th floor of the new Warrens Towers building in Warrens, St. Michael. Please direct all of your inquries to this location. The telephone number for the office is 622-1610.

[Jun 24 2013] Holetown Waterfront Improvement Notice to Mariners

All mariners, please use extreme caution when navigating the coastline between coordinates 13o 11' 47.2" N, 59o 38' 33.6" W and 13o 11' 6.6" N, 59o 38' 21.0" W. This area is currently a zone of construction for the Holetown Waterfront Improvement Project, scheduled to be completed by November 30th, 2013. 

[Apr 20 2012] Beaches and Climate Change Adaptation

Please have a look at this article on some of the steps Barbados (through the CZMU) is taking to integrate climate change adaptation into the development planning process and shoreline protection measures.

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A tropical cyclone with maximum winds less than 34 m/sec (75 mile per hour). Compare with hurricane or typhoon (winds greater than 34m/sec).

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